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Our Story

Long story short: a father & son started making music together in late 2020. Soon after Pesukone was born and started to instantly gain attention and listeners from all over the world. Since then a whole label company, Badenstock, has grown around Pesukone and its community. Today Pesukone has over 5M listeners worldwide and has over 30 artists involved in the community.

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Praised by our Artists

"Badenstock has been a blessing for me! Co-operating has been a joy and since starting with them I've grown significantly. All this would not have been possible without Badenstock."
SongBot - Artist
"I'v been working with Badenstock team for a year now and all I can tell is that these guys are amazing! Thanks for growing my audience to a totally another level! I just keep up growing!"
Teddy Hits - Producer
"The team is awesome. I'm so grateful and happy to be involved!"
Leon Kavanagh - Artist