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– No more waiting for curators to answer
– No more paid playlist placements
– No more fake streams and bots

How it works?

Playlist Network

Behind the scenes there is
+100 Spotify playlists in our network and we keep growing it.​

Free Pitching

All Artists can Pitch their songs into Badenstock playlists. It only costs you a few mouse clicks.

24/7 service

BS AI Playlist Curator selects the best songs for best suitable lists. Whenever its good time for you!

Get your song placed on Spotify playlist instantly!

Badenstock AI Playlist Curator

We’ve created a playlist network that can help to
boost your music career 100% free!
Get instant access to Badenstock Playlist network
by using BS AI Playlist Curator tool!

Playlists for all genres

Pop, Rock, EDM, House, Latino, Afrobeat, you name it. On Badestock playlist network you can find almost all music genres.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Always when Your song gets picked up it will be added to our playlist network on that genre list what suites best for your song.

BS AI Curator makes sure that your song will be always picked up to our playlists 24/7.

Yes its 100% free for real. You can pitch your song to Badenstock records playlist by using our BS AI Curator tool and it costs you nothing. No credit cards needed. 

In order to be able to pitch your song to the Badenstock playlist network, you have to follow a few of our playlists in return. Of course, we hope you’ll listen to them too! 😉

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Besides our ever evolving playlist network we have took the playlist concept into next era by building an system to introduce one new single track by new artist for wider audience weekly.

New Music Friday Pesukone playlist is actually an collaborative release with Pesukone artists collective.

Getting your song on Pesukone grants you a label release published by Badenstock Records.

Each pitch will be taken carefully looked into since Pesukone is introducing new music and artists at weekly basis.

Are you the one who has it enough to be the next washing machine artist?

Pitch now to get one step closer to your dream release.


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