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Pesukone is officially known as Timo Surma-Aho
Multiple genres


New music weekly on Spotify by multiple different artists.

Trying to find fresh tunes? Pesukone will introduce (at least) one new track every week. Keep updated on the latest one and see the complete collection on New Music Friday Pesukone playlist.

Curious for new style of songs? Pesukone's wide range of artists provide new styles and musical experiences for you. Open your mind and find your next favorite song! One of Pesukone's goals is to provide many kind of music - something for everyone.

Hungry for new Artists?

Pesukone's roster is evolving continuosly. Currently Pesukone is made by top selections among many of talented names from rising stars to industry professionals.

Electronic & Edm


Tiny little SongBot was born to bring happy moments in your life by making music for you.

Is it a computer? - What an mystery for sure! We have very little info, but we can analyze by listening. It is Electronic Music, mostly no vocals, new genre,

Mixed EDM, techno, hardstyle and dubStep and synth & lo-fi. Pop elements can be seen on some creations.

S productions is officially known as Samuli Surma-Aho
Electronic / EDM / New genre

S Productions

Fresh tunes from Finland🇫🇮 to bring memories and joy for your life. S productions is independent artist and founder of records label, Badenstock. With his former business experience and endless hunger to learn combined with fire like will to evolve, S has thrown in everything what he had by keeping up with the consistent hustle on industry. Music has been always part of S’s life. After many coincidences he ended up trying his skills on releasing his own creations. Starting from zero the road has been long and full of challenges. Journey still continues. While many artists around him gave up during the rough beging, he kept going and evolving on the go. Meanwhile he managed to build meaningful connections with independent artists across the globe. Musically S prefers to create electronic tracks covering from deep to happy moods.

Watch S Productions Tips for Artists on Badenstock Youtube Channel


Munatix, a Belgian electronic synthpop band, initiated by Ricky and Josh. Both located in Genk, having met in a former band, they noticed a shared passion for music. Ricky °1980, takes up the role of lead singer. Josh °1975, focusses on composing and producing. Inspiration is coming from electronic instruments and an interest for vintage analog gear. Josh is being sparked by synth guru’s and bands as Vince Clarke, Jean Michel Jarre, Chromeo. Ricky is at heart a gifted guitar player with a love for Jimi Hendrix. Together they color their music. For now, the emphasis is on writing music. Next phase will be setting up a live act and gig live.

HipHop & Afrobeats

Teddy Hits

Teddy Hits is a Record Producer, Singer & Songwriter from Lagos Nigeria, West Africa. He diversifies in various genres ranging from mainly Afrobeat, R&B, Hip Hop, EDM, Dancehall & Alternative Music.

Afro fusion singer & song writer

Mizta Z

Chibueze Ikedinobi, Musically known as Mizta Z (born 4 September 1999), a Nigerian Afro Fusion singer and song writer. Making music to Mizta Z is all about his feelings, his surroundings, things that goes on within and outer, relating it to his culture, love and fashion.

Rap / HipHop / Afrobeat


Drip Overkill artist duo dropped a huge collab with Teddy Hits and Pesukone. This is their follow up release for their already rising career. Important steps achieved on 2021 by sacrifices, inspiration and by working as part of global team. 5 different Shades could be seen on the EP. What is your favorite?



BWNCE is a 17yr old South African🇿🇦 Musician, Producer and Dj who joined the music community in 2019. BWNCE focuses on mainly bounce music which is where the name 'BWNCE' comes in from the word bounce... But shortened 😉🎺

Multiple genres

Leon Kavanagh

With over 2,000,000 streams worldwide, Leon Kavanagh is the future for EDM Music. He is a young, talented artist from the UK and brings pure meaning to the sound of EDM. His signature styles of Drum&Bass, House and Dance was born after having played several instruments since a young age and by listening and experimenting with many genres. The experimentation inspired him to produce music of his own. In the early months of 2021 , Leon signed with Badenstock Records by remixing pesukone Ropa Suja which had hit over 50,000 streams within the first month, but the success doesn't stop there. One of his latest songs Voice Mail had accumulated over 150,000 streams within the first month of release and it continues to thrive. Being signed to the Finnish Label has brought a tremendous amount of success for Leon , having been mentioned in several blogs and a Finnish newspaper, but the success comes down to the quality of the music that Leon produces. By the end of 2021, Leon reached into the top 27,000 of 9,000,000 artists on spotify after having over 200,000 monthly listeners. 
 Follow Leon Kavanagh on Instagram to get updates on latest releases and his whereabouts, You'll be glad you did.



Pop Singer from Finland with some cool ideas. Stay tuned, lovely people!! :))))

Multiple genres


Pioneering his own fusion style of old school eurodance, EDM and progressive big room house, finnish producer BirdyHead aka Paavo Virtanen is crafting his fine selection of club bangers and many remixes of finnish pop music which have already caught the attention of many finnish DJ’s playing in clubs, festivals and radio stations.

EDM / Trance

Martin O Klimer

Martin O Kilmer’s knack for infectious rhythms and instantly memorable melodies has put the Finnish EDM artist on the brink of an international breakthrough. Known equally for his distinctive pop sensibilities and uncanny ability to bring a dance floor to life, the multi talented performer and producer has already carved out a unique space in electronic music. Now, with a growing legion of fans and rapidly growing streaming numbers, he is out to prove that he is worthy of a worldwide audience. Martin brings a distinctive global perspective to his music, with tracks that resonate with fans from every walk of life. Collaborating remotely with some of the most prominent artists in Europe and beyond, he fuses disparate styles into something wholly fresh and exciting. After emerging with the debut single ‘Recognize’ in 2021, Martin’s career began building momentum exponentially. His first video for ‘The Speed Of Light’ gained significant attention from fans and press alike, with one critic praising its “perfect marriage of classic vibes and modern grooves.” He spent the rest of the year adding to his catalog, building up a collection of innovative, thrilling songs. Now that he has established his presence, Martin is intent to make a lasting impact. He is fully devoted to his craft, and eagerly pursuing new ways of expressing himself through sound. With several new releases expected in 2021 and beyond, Martin is poised to be a key figure in EDM for years to come.

HipHop / Rap / Afrobeat


Marvin Chuks" artistically known as "Skimarlima is a new school Afro-Pop, Afro-Fusion & Dancehall artist who hails from Rivers State, Port Harcourt Nigeria. The multi-talented singer is known for his versatility and his captivating voice.

Multiple genres


Toivottavasti löysit jotain kivaa soittolistallesi. /Vini

Multiple genres

Toro Loco

DJ/Producer/Pro pianist from the Netherlands. 
Labeled by Badenstock records 
 My brand new song Out Of Space is out now!!!

Many genres

Empty Elevator

Empty Elevator provides the best background music for all situations and moods.

Multiple Genres

Paavo Virtanen

Paavo Virtanen is a composer and music producer who started his musical career composing orchestral music for indie films, but then transitioned to producing pop and hip hop music under his production company, Hit Happens. He also composes and produces electronic dance music under the name BirdyHead.


Lil Manna

Hello! Thanks for liking my music . I'm Lil Manna a Dj,Record Producer and a song writer from Nigeria, got alot of good music coming for you ,hang on . if you enjoy! my music please share . Thanks

Slap House and Deep House


KUOKKA is a 19 years old music producer from Finland. Debut single ”Let It Out” was released in December 2021 and his career is now going fast forward. In 2022 KUOKKA made his first record deals with Badenstock & Future House Cloud. Currently KUOKKA is producing Slap House and Deep House tracks.

Latino Pop


Xavi Gómez is an artist and entrepreneur from Barcelona living in the North of Europe (Finland). His songs, in Spanish, are a way to clean up with the ghosts from the past, as well as to bring a fresh insight of his future. He's founded a music company and he's the CEO of it.


All My Dreams

”All My Dreams” is one-man -group from Oulu, Finland. First single ”Berlin Underground” was released in July 2022. Musicgenre is instrumental-pop.

Rap & HipHop & afrobeats

Everybody Loves Josh

Hey, I make music for you, and there’s more than 1234567890 amazing music coming. Follow me to be the first to hear them 🤍 Feel free to talk to me 🙈❤️ 📩



FI: Musiikkia, joka kuuntelee – Turkulainen RASI on impressionistinen hipster hop –artisti, joka rikkoo RAP- ja EDM-musiikkia luovaksi pop-kokonaisuudeksi. Omista, rankoistakin kokemuksista kirjoitetut kappaleet toimivat vertaistukena kuuntelijoille. RASI käsittelee kappaleissaan mm. aiheita introverttius, ujous ja mielenterveys.


Mad Music Disease

Be aware, Mad Music Disease is spreading


Mikael Kristian

Music producer, songwriter and DJ from Finland.

"Show me the way"



Fresh, up and coming artist in the House music scene. Specializing in Slap- and Tech house.


Ethan Sturock

Music producer of EDM, Hip-hop and Pop music.


Muska Pasa

Hello, I am Muska Pasa and I sing pop music in many different languages. I have just started making music and my first song is sung in Spanish. I hope you enjoy it!

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